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'Revolutionize people's way of living'

We have been in the commercial catering equipment industry for more than 50 years. Over the year, we have brought in a lot of high-performance and durable equipment that helps people work more effectively and efficiently.

In 2001, we chanced upon Vitamix® TNC. Immediately, we realized that it is one unique product that will revolutionize people's way of living like what the washing machine and refrigerator have done. Therefore, we set up Total Nutrition Center Ltd. (TNCL) in Hong Kong in 2001 to educate people on the importance of a healthy eating lifestyle and how they can use Vitamix TNC to help them live more healthy. Vitamix TNC was a start for us and we have been sourcing other great health-enhancing products since then, namely 3M™ water filtration systems, Excalibur® ergonomic chair. We will continue looking for products that are "designed for your health" so that you can enjoy the best things in life with ease and comfort.


Company founded and became the sole distrubtor of Vitamix TNC from the USA.

Vitamix TNC was first launched in Hong Kong at the City'Super Time Square store. Since then, we have expanded into more retail outlets, like PriceRite, Wing On Department Store, YATA Department Store, Sincere Department Store and New Yaohan in Macau.


Became the distributor of CUNO® water filtration system for model Aqua-Pure AP-DWS1000 from the USA.

In 2005, Cuno Incorporated was acquired by 3M and officially changed its name to 3M Purification Inc. in 2009. After the acquisition, TNCL became an authorized distributor of 3M and started to handle the sale of designated home and commercial series of water filtration products since then.


Became one of the dealers of Excalibur food dehydrator from the USA.

This was the start of our efforts to promote the "Raw Foods" concepts together with our Vitamix TNC in our promotion counters. In 2012, we became the sole distributor.


Became one of the distributor of Biotek ozone disinfection system from Taiwan.


Became the sole distributor of Duorest chair from South Korea.

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